Technology that drives your business forward

Leading Edge Warehouse Management Systems

At Silk Contract Logistics, our focus on technology means we have devised an innovative warehouse management system that help your business innovate. Our tailor-made warehousing solutions can be configured to align with your business model, to deliver you a cost-efficient system that works.
We have harnessed the best of in-house warehouse technology, and the finest outsourced systems, to provide you custom IT solution capability that suits your business needs. Our leading edge warehouse management system can be scaled and adapted, allowing you complete control over your warehouse as a whole.

Endless service possibilities

Our systems provide the capacity to fulfil any kind of order, from individually picking and packing items to processing a large-scale request.
Client configurable, our technology allows for systematic, repeatable, and verifiable processes, within the four walls of the warehouse. This means our clients are able to access consistent service which delivers the desired outcomes.
With such a streamlined way to manage your inventory, you’ll receive real-time insight into your supply chain, allowing you to make informed business decisions.
No matter if you opt for a client-dedicated facility or a shared warehouse, we have the capability to fulfil your goals and deliver an impressive warehouse management system.
What’s more, our in-warehouse technology integrates fluidly with our tracking systems at the wharf and in transit. This means you’ll have end-to-end control over your supply chain and complete insight into your order.

Backed by a solid work ethic

Our IT solution capability is supported by dedicated warehouse staff who strive to deliver a top standard of work. Committed to your needs, our warehousing staff work with you in every step of the supply chain.
Working alongside our operations, analytics and IT staff, they’ll deliver a service that exceeds expectations.



Silk Contract Logistics’ focus on selected industry sectors provides our customers with enhanced benefits and a competitive advantage.