Our goal is zero injuries and we are serious about achieving it

Silk Contract Logistics is committed to a safety-first approach in all of our operations.
We recognise that excellence in managing occupational, health and safety is critical to the long term success of the business. We therefore impose our health and safety procedures on all employees and all other persons who may be affected by our operations, including contractors, subcontractors, visitors and customers.

Safety policy – statement and performance

Our safety principles are part of everything we do, from our practices to our people and everything in between.
With a constant drive to improve our risk and governance procedures, we put a premium on safety, quality and compliance.

Our target is zero harm.

To achieve this target, we have developed safe working practices to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements. With a consistent approach to checks, training and procedures, we will ensure every one of our strategies is completed to the highest level.
Silk Contract Logistics require its employees and contractors to follow these work practices, as well as to support and contribute to continuous improvement of WH&S performance through:
• safety awareness;
• hazard identification and control;
• safe working practices;
• incident and near miss reporting; and
• a commitment to safety.
Our risk and compliance arm is dedicated to extending and expanding our focus on safety, integrating it into everything we do. With an on-going commitment to auditing and implementing checks and measures, we are able to deliver a consistent, world-class service.
This comprises on-going training, communication and leadership that sets the right example.

Contact and Information

To report any issues related to safety or to ask any questions related to safe work practices, please contact our Group Work Health Safety and Environment Manager on (03) 9281 6900 (03) 9281 6900 or email info@silklogistics.com.au.


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