Silk Contract Logistics – Our Values

Underpinning all of our operations are our key values: Safety, Customers, Service, Growth and People. These principles are infused into our structure, processes and operations, and provide us a guide for how to conduct business.


Above all else, we promise to uphold our safety principles.
Our focus on safety is seamlessly incorporated into everything we do, from liaising with clients, to staff management, to warehouse control. With a thorough attention to licencing and auditing, we strive to exceed our strict safety standards, year after year.
Maintained through a rigorous auditing process, both at home and overseas, we have constructed an enviable safety record across all market segments. We aim to make each client and employee feel secure well into their future with Silk Contract Logistics.


Our customers form the basis of what we do; they shape our actions and policies, and give us reason to work. We find our purpose in developing tailored solutions for each client, no matter what industry or sector they fall into. In this way, we strive to support the business goals of thousands of clients, helping them fulfil their aims of efficiency and expansion.


Constantly reaching for new heights, we endeavor to improve our service offerings through a considered balance of people, capability and infrastructure. Our asset light model allow us to stay agile and efficient when servicing each and every client.
At the heart of our service is a robust Information Technology structure, developed to provide repeatable, consistent processes.


We focus on sustainable growth that will see us cement our legacy. In all areas from financial performance to people, our measured growth strategies have seen us grow from a newly-created business into a vigorous logistics firm, capable of adapting to opportunites of any size.


Our senior leadership group is on the ground, ready to lead by example to guide a diverse team to success. Drawing on values of honesty, integrity and a drive for entrepreneurial thinking, our team is able to pinpoint the right person for the right role, delivering excellence at every step.



Silk Contract Logistics’ focus on selected industry sectors provides our customers with enhanced benefits and a competitive advantage.