Offering Distribution Services Australia-Wide

As one of the most geographically-diverse third party logistics companies in Australia, Silk Contract Logistics is built on quick, flexible and robust solutions when it comes to the transportation of your goods. A key area we focus on is the development and management of customised distribution solutions, so that clients from all across the country can rely on our company to ensure their goods are delivered to them under best practices, within timeframe and budget.

Implementing high-quality freight management systems for distribution purposes

In addition to our top-class warehousing and port logistics services, we provide streamlined distribution services to get your products from A to B using carefully developed and measured solutions. Our distribution methods are executed by a team of professionals who perform each and every task in accordance with rigid guiding principles, placing high priority on the needs of our clients. Keeping constantly updated on industry trends and regulations, we make it our duty to invest in high-tech equipment so that we can provide state of the art freight management systems and equipment designed to cater to jobs of all sizes and all purposes.

Why choose Silk Contract Logistics to take care of your business’s distribution needs?

We deliver goods in a consistent and high-quality manner that ensures your business can continue to run smoothly. Our company is driven by our customers’ needs, and we are passionate about finding unique ways to meet them. Whether you operate in the light industrial, food and dairy, retail or FMCG industry, we can meet your distribution needs.


For importers, we provide services from the moment goods arrive at an Australian port, right up to final delivery to the customer. We provide complete visibility in real time and handle all documentation and interfaces with all other third party service providers.

For exporters, we take care of goods from the end of the production line, right through storage, container pack and delivery to wharf.

Managed distribution solutions

We utilise a freight management system that manages, tracks and reports freight movements and is accessible online.

We also provide and manage a complete suite of logistics services for a number of our customers, assuming responsibility for all their inbound and outbound transport.


Silk Contract Logistics’ focus on selected industry sectors provides our customers with enhanced benefits and a competitive advantage.