About Us

Silk Contract Logistics prides itself on its customer-centric focus that is nimble, agile and personalised to your business goals. Throughout Australia, we are one of the largest third-party logistics providers, helping our customers access new opportunities across a broad range of sectors.

Our history

From our beginnings, we have filled a gap in the market. Silk Logistics was borne from a merger between Hoffman, a wharf cartage company, and Kagan, which specialised in warehousing. In 2014, Silk Contract Logistics’ Management Team acquired the businesses and set to providing clients with a full-suite solution to their complete logistics needs.

Our structure

Operating across a range of sectors, including Retail and FMCG, Light Industrial, and Food and Dairy, we provide a tailored approach to all aspects of wharf cartage, warehousing, and distribution.

Our IT infrastructure means your inventory will be well managed across the whole supply chain, with best-in-class visibility, traceability and integration.

First and foremost, we focus on our customers

Each of our people embraces our key principles: safety, customer focus, financial capability, people and growth. These all-encompassing values are embedded in everything that we do and supports each of our strategies.

Our agile service allows us to adapt to sudden changes and challenges in the market. To this end, we strive to provide each of our clients with service that is customised to their business goals and expectations.

We actively understand the needs of our customers and are deeply rewarded by delivering consistent value. With rigorous checkpoints across your entire contract, we will ensure we match customer expectations along every step of the supply chain.

Our vision is to be our chosen customers preferred choice for the provision of Australian land based logistics.



Silk Contract Logistics’ focus on selected industry sectors provides our customers with enhanced benefits and a competitive advantage.